Spring Garden 2018


Gardner’s in Arizona knows that spring brings about an abundance of flowers and plants. New blooms grow profusely as the weather warms up. This year was no exception especially since we had such a mild winter without any frost!

Geraniums are a must in the desert southwest if you are looking for color that lasts from the fall all through the May or June. When planted in the fall, these plants maintain continuous color for several months. As the temperatures start to increase above a 100 degrees and climb up into the 105-110 degree range the plants don’t have a high chance of survival. I’ve had some plants that have lasted through the summer but it is very rare and really requires the right type of growing environment.

Geraniums require well draining soil and look great in containers. When grown close together these plants tend to stay smaller in size and ones that are spaced out and planted in the ground tend to get larger. Geraniums work well in companion plantings with several different other flowers. I have had a lot of success growing these with Petunias and Snap Dragons. Geraniums of different colors can be grouped together to achieve a focal point in the garden. These plants require 6+ hours of sunlight and regular feeding. I use slow release fertilizers to achieve the best results. I’ve seen Geraniums in many different colors varying from reds, to pinks, white and mixed color plants.

Your neighborhood home improvement store or nursery should have a good supply of these plants when it is the correct season for planting in your climate zone.


Hi! My name it Amanthi and I live in Arizona with my husband and two kids. I love all things home and garden and really look forward to sharing my favorite hobbies with you.

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